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October 21, 2016

Change to AdminVPN Wednesday 10/26/16 6am

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Effective on Wednesday October 26, 2016 at 6am the web address that is used to connect to AdminVPN will be changing from to When users are connecting to the, there will be a longer list of groups than before, users that used to select ‘Admin’ will now select ‘AdminVPN’, users that selected ‘Admin-OffCampus’ will now select ‘AdminVPN-OffCampus’.

Beginning on and after Wednesday October 26th at 6am, users will need to adjust their VPN configuration to connect to the VPN to access HUB. Users must change their VPN settings after the changeover, if the change is done before you will not be able to access HUB, if the changes outlined aren’t made after the changeover is made you will not be able to access HUB.

To edit your VPN settings:

  1. Launch the ‘Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client’
  2. Delete
  3. Enter
  4. Click ‘Connect’
  5. Select the proper ‘Group’ (AdminVPN in most cases)
  6. Enter your UBITname in the ‘username’ field
  7. Enter your token in the ‘password’ field

Please note: There will be no changes to how you generate a token either through a software token installed on your PC or through a hardware token.

If you have any questions please email,