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November 25, 2013

Clarification of Academic Advisors’ Approval of Cross Registration Requests – Sent 11/18/13

Posted by Registrar in Registrar Communications

Colleagues –

Some of you have expressed concern about the fluctuating nature of enrollment and advisor approval of cross registration requests. I understand and appreciate your concerns. To clarify, we are asking for advisors to make the approval/denial decision based on the information that is available to them at the date that the request is made.

For example, if, on June 1, all of the remaining seats in a class are reserved for freshmen and the student isn’t a freshmen, then the cross registration should be approved. Likewise, if the student hasn’t been able to get into a limited enrollment course and it is impossible to know whether open seats would remain by the time that the Course Enrollment Control Policy is lifted (see my earlier email on that topic), then the advisor should approve the request. (The advisor would be taking the student’s word that s/he checked with the department to request force registration and that request was denied.)

We recognize that this means that an advisor may approve a request on one day, which then looks as if it shouldn’t have been approved because seats were opened at some later point. Unfortunately, that can’t be avoided given the ever-changing nature of enrollment. When you review a request, we ask that you make the best judgment that you can in support of the intention of the policy, which is to keep students engaged at UB and to have them enroll in UB courses prior to seeking cross registration elsewhere.

Feel free to contact me or Jacqui Hollins if you have questions or concerns. Jacqui is available at 645-2836 or

Thank you,