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December 11, 2013

Notice to Department Schedulers – Sent 12/10/2013

Posted by Registrar in Registrar Communications

Hello Schedulers,

An announcement has been posted in the system. Please read below for details about the announcement:

Hello Schedulers,

A few announcements from our office:

Spring 2014 Final Exams and Commencement
Our office has processed all spreadsheets received for spring 2014 final exams.  If you did not submit anything to our office to schedule final exams please do so ASAP.  Also, please be sure to always review your final exam schedule prior to the end of the term as our office does the best we can with queries, but the queries cannot identify if the same cohort of students have 3-4 exams in one day if the times do not overlap.  Please also be on the look out for exam rooms that are not appropriately sized and let our office know as soon as you identify issues.

Also, this upcoming spring it has come to our attention final exams will overlap with graduation ceremonies due to the change in the academic calendar.  We have already begun working with departments who have identified this as a problem for them, but we are asking all departments to look into when their ceremonies are and if there are issues with the timing of your exams please let us know as soon as possible.  The issues to be on the look out for are graduating seniors who have exams during or after their departmental ceremony.  Ceremonies are running Thursday-Sunday and final exams will run Monday-Saturday of the same week. We are working with Special Events to look into alternatives moving forward beginning with spring 2015, but there will be no changes for spring 2014.

Stop Further Enrollment
It has come to our attention a few departments are using the “stop further enrollment” drop down on the enrollment control tab inside of maintain schedule of classes.  If you have a class seated in a central space this UNSEATS the class in R25 and your room then becomes available for us to assign to another class.  I have queried for these classes for spring and have input CSS and we will have to reseat those classes.  If you are unsure if you are going to hold a class or you want to cap enrollment please just change the enrollment cap and/or uncheck the schedule print or you are in danger of a double booking.

Incorrect Instructor Person Number Being Assigned
The grading folks in the Office of the Registrar have noted that there are many incorrect person numbers being assigned as instructors on classes.  They have received faculty phone calls that the faculty member cannot view their class in their HUB Faculty Center; when troubleshooting the issue, our staff have found incorrect person numbers.  This presents a confidentiality issue when the incorrect person number is used as that will give access to the class roster and information, to that staff member of the university with that person number.  If you are not sure of a person number please either ask the faculty member or your hiring area to confirm the person number.

Department Scheduler Workshop Tomorrow
Just a friendly reminder we will be holding a department scheduler workshop in Capen 201, tomorrow, from 10AM-12PM.  We will be sharing the computer lab with The Office of the Registrar staff who handle exceptions training as well.  Some of you may be in the room to attend both workshops, and me, as well as the exceptions staff, will be on hand to answer any questions.  There is no sign up for this training, you are free to come and go as your time permits between those hours.

Thank you,

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