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October 23, 2013

Spring 2014 Schedule Update – Sent 10/7/2013

Posted by Registrar in Registrar Communications

Hello Schedulers,

Please continue to check your schedules in SIRI and HUB. We are still working on getting everything seated and if we have not already, we will be contacting you regarding your unseated classes if we are unable to seat them. The final exam process was run on Friday. Everything that was requested to receive a final has a day/time (and most have a room, but we have a few to work on that do not). Any special requests for double seating and/or combining exams will be looked in to beginning in November.

The spring 2014 schedule is going to be released to students and the public on Wednesday, October 9th. Enrollment will not begin until October 30th so there is still time to get reserve capacities in order.

Please work with Peter and Shakira as they contact you so we can get everything seated before enrollment. We may move rooms around, so please be aware the schedule will be in flux until we can get everything seated.

Lastly, as in all terms, we ask while we are seating that no day/time changes take place. We had quite a few changes, too many to contact each department individually. There were also quite a few additions of new courses. The end result is double bookings and courses added with CSS remaining in HUB and not moving to R25. We have been trying to keep up with the changes to ensure no double bookings, but we will need to continue to need to monitor the changes. We will be unable to move the courses added late into R25 until we have all other courses, originally included with seating, sat. The interface is now on and will catch any new requests, but will not catch day or time changes if the class is already unseated. Our office will be working on revising the process for the fall term, based on the results of this spring term. As with any new process, we will continue to try to work the kinks out.

Please feel free to contact the scheduling line with any questions.

Thank you,

Sara Zeitler
Assistant Registrar for Scheduling & Enrollment
Office of the Registrar
232 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
(716) 645-5697